Reinhard D. Flender, born in Aug. 20 1953 studied in Hamburg, Münster and Jerusalem. After completing a diploma in music 1976 he studied  ethnomusicology at the Hebrew University from 1977-1981 and made a field research in synagogal Jewish music. He made his PhD at Hamburg University in 1983 and became the same year a part time lecturer in music history at the Academy of music of Hamburg. 1991 he was appointed part time professor. In addition to his teaching obligations he joined the International Publishing Group peermusic as head of the classical music department 1987 - 2011. In 1999 he founded the Institute for Cultural Innovation Research (IkI). Since 2011 Flender is teaching cultural management and musicology as full time professor at the University of Music in Hamburg. Scince 2015 he is the director of the Institut for Arts- and Mediamanagament KMM in Hamburg.