Composer, cultural innovation researcher

Where do I come from, where am I going? Each individual carries within it a tradition that has taken it from his parents and teachers, consciously or unconsciously, and is looking for something new. This tension between tradition and innovation has always fascinated me. As a scientist, I ask the question, how the "new comes into the world". What are the optimal conditions that something new may incur and which are the inhibitions, gatekeeper and resistances that have to be overcome. As an artist, I feel the love for tradition as attachment to the past that needs to be overcome. Here emotions play a major role. Therefore in my life art and science are not separate, but related to each other. Speaking in musical terms: If feel that music, science and cultural management are like a triad in my life. Music is the root, science the thrid and arts managment the fifth. Thus, for me beeing a composer, scientists and arts manager at the same time means more than three different professions. It is a  field of know how and experience, which mutually fertilizes three perspectives on a central phenomenon: Human Culture